Une femme est une femme

The term for French new wave films of the 1950’s through the 1960’s the film is

Une femme est une femme 

is one of our all time Nouvelle Vague favorites. The leading role is Anna Karina and our style muse extraordinaire. “The film centers on the relationship of exotic dancer Angéla (Karina) and her lover Émile (Brialy). Angéla wants to have a child, but Émile isn’t ready. Émile’s best friend Alfred (Belmondo) also says he loves Angéla, and keeps up a gentle pursuit. Angéla and Émile have their arguments about the matter; at one point, as they have decided not to speak with each other, they pull books from the shelf and, pointing to the titles, continue their argument. Since Émile stubbornly refuses her request for a child, Angéla finally decides to accept Alfred’s plea and sleeps with him. Since she shows she will do what she needs to have a child, she and Émile finally make up so that he might have a chance to become the father.”~wiki

Some of the standout colors of this film in particular are red, white and blue. The colors Ana wears and her makeup is done one Cat Eye with blue eye shadow. Which we absolutely love. Check out our look book editorial “Une Femme Est Une Femme”with Zoe from “Grand Theft Thrift.”


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