Style Festival with Refinery 29 & Simon Malls

We were invited to display a pop up shop during Style Festival, hosted by Refinery 29 & Simon Malls. This Summer 2015 Refinery 29 and Simon Malls will embark on a six-city nationwide indie boutique and designer tour that will take the in-store retail experience into a festival like setting. “Style Festival” takes its inspiration from music festival culture that has become a millennial rite of passage. Festival-goers will have the unique opportunity to discover emerging musical artists from top headlining acts to djays. The category we represented this season was “Fringed Benefits.” We spent weeks preparing for our event only purchasing fringe vintage pieces in order to stock up for our pop up at Brea Mall. Friends & Fans stopped by, shopped, partook in an awesome DIY station for making band tour shirts, got free summer braided hairdos and metallic tattoos on the go. Had an absolute blast! Here are some behind the scene shots from the event.

refinery29ad2 copy



style15  style18 style9  stylefestival2


stylefestival7 stylefestival3 stylefestival4  sf5 style13 stylefestival1






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