Don’t Fret my Pets! DIY Bear Cat Planters Finally

Are you heading to a housewarming party empty handed? eeeeeks! Are you on a budget because your broke? Arghh! Then you probably spent all your money on thrifting frivolously, and record shopping all the sweet deals from Long Beach To Oxnard. If you answered yes to any one of these. Don’t fret my pet! Here’s a little DIY for you! We couldn’t stop looking at all the adorable recycled DIY planters on pinterest so we decided to make a tutorial of our own! For this DIY we decided to make a bear and a cat to celebrate the shop this spring! Let us help you come up with fun DIY gift ideas so you don’t come empty handed.


Supplies you’ll Need

1. old paint brushes you may have lying around the house stashed somewhere in your arts and craft box, paint pen for fine details.

2. pencil

3. paper

4. ruler

5. measuring tape

6. recycled water bottles

7.  some cute plants you want to save.



First step is to make your bear and cat stencils. Determine how tall you want your planter to be and make a line across the paper to mark the height. Ours were four inches tall with one inch ears. We liked our ears to be 1.5 inches apart with a curved line connecting them to form the top of their heads. Our cat ears were little triangles separated by a curve. Our bear ears were round. After you’ve drawn your stencil, cut them out



Place your stencils on your bottles and tape them down.


Cut the tops of the bottles off with sharp scissors leaving a generous amount of room above the height of your plant. Cut down to your stencil and begin to cut out the ears.


take the stencils off and paint the entire planter white. Let dry.



Now the fun part! Paint your bear and cat how ever you wish! We painted our cat and bear with another layer of white for optimal cuteness.  Add little eyes, noses and whiskers with a pencil and then go over it with a paint pen. We mixed up a little bit of pink paint for noses and ears and cheek. Poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Plant your little plants and voila! Your cute little Bear Cat planters are now the perfect little duo to cheer up your space. Or give as a housewarming gift.

thanks for reading!

hearts and kisses always…. Remember to be nifty stay thrifty.

Presentation by Tali Koushmaro


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