Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue UK – 70s Babe

This adorable 70s inspired shoot isn’t trashy to say the least. The photography concept, color, and simply styled vintage pieces are subtle yet makes for a good fashion flash back photograph. Though there is a hint of 70s/80s trashy-trailer vibe, that’s what we loved about it. Maybe not a usual kind of shoot for a celebrity or Vogue issue, it was a relief to see something different. Found this little editorial posted on Celebitchy where you might want to read more about the article as other opinions that may arise. In the interview Jennifer Lawrence is raw and uncut, and doesn’t hold back. “JLaw speaks “without much of a filter and naturally leans towards the profane.” Unlike Kristen Stewart, who seems to do it to sound like a rebel.”






Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.04.19 AM


post courtesy of Vogue UK & Celebitchy

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