What is Camp Vintage’s relation to Bear Cat?

Bear Cat is an online retailer of vintage clothing, home décor, and independent designers. Camp Vintage is a special hub for all things Bear Cat, from a Gal’s dream closet to an inspired lifestyle.

What is Nightmare Daydream?

Nightmare Daydream has a nostalgic heart (formally known as ingénue collection) draws inspiration from decades past. It combines classic sophistication with a touch of modernity and is inspired by art, music, love and nouvelle vague. The new collection is inspired by whimsical fairy tale with a twist of mystery. The name nightmare daydream is inspired by the song “I Still Wonder” by Arthur Lee and Love. Find Nightmare Daydream at www.nightmaredaydream.com

How is ingenue collection related to Nightmare Daydream?

Nightmare Daydream’s former label was called ingenue collection. Due to trade mark issues, we had to change the name recently.

Where can I find Bear Cat Vintage?

We no longer have our brick and mortar locations in southern California, however you can find us online at bearcatvintage.com & our Etsy shop!

What other names has been Bear Cat been referred to?

We’ve also been called Bear Cat LA.

What is the feature section in your online shop?

Bear Cat is broken up into different styles for a more fun shopping experience.

Babes in Toyland: All things 90’s grunge, baby doll dresses, floral print 90’s dresses.

Cowgirl in the Sand: Southwestern, bohemian, 70’s vibe.

Day Tripper: Day time outfits, seperates, everything fun in the sun!

Night Cat: Your perfect attire for a gal’s night out, sequins, lame.

Une Femme: 60’s mini dresses, bright, block colors, lots of red, whites & blues.

Vintage Party: This is a gal’s dream closet, retro party dresses mostly from the 50’s and 60’s.

How do I become a model for Bear Cat or Nightmare Daydream?

Please send headshots, full length poses and agency info, however we will consider non-agency represented models.

Do you work with bloggers?

Yes we absolutely do. We do contests, giveaways, photo shoots and interviews. If you are a blogger interested in working with us please email us at hello@bearcatvintage.com .

Who does your photography?

Bonnie Jun does all of our photography for Bear Cat, Camp Vintage and some of Nightmare Daydream. However, we are always collaborating with other photographers and are open to photo contributions for our website. Please contact us for more information at hello@bearcatvintage.com .