Diy Bowie Brick Bookends

The other day our Assistant Art Director, Tali sent us a new project to post.  Looking for something creative to hold your books? What about these glitter painted brick book ends? Here’s how=)


Supplies You’ll Need!!

  • painters tape
  • bricks (number depends on how many bookends you need)
  • krylon Glitter Spray Paint
  • newspaper

Brush residue off your bricks. Using painters tape, map out the triangle you want to paint. Making sure to cover the sides as well.






Lay down your newspaper in a well ventilated area (far away from anything you don’t want covered in glitter). Follow directions on the spray paint can, shake vigorously for two minutes before spraying.


Staying 10-12 inches away from your bricks, make slow, sweeping motions across. Make 2-3 thin coats with time to dry in between layers work better than one heavy coat.


After paint is dry, peel off the painters tape. You can spray a fixative layer over the glitter (or use an aerosol hairspray!) to set the glitter paint.


Let dry for 24 hours so fumes can wear off before putting them on your shelf.




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